Dental Implants




This is a revolutionary modern way of replacing a missing tooth. A dental implant simply refers to an artificial metallic root traumatically placed in the bone, with a tooth subsequently fabricated on top. It functions exactly like a natural tooth, durable and a fixed restoration. Our skilled and competent Implantology team is on hand for effective service delivery. Conveniently, we have over 10 years experience with dental implantology.

Available implant treatments are:

(1)Fixed Replacement of a missing tooth

(2)  Fixed Replacement 2, 3 or more missing teeth

(3) Full Upper/Lower One arch Rehabilitation

(4) Full mouth Rehabilitation

Example 1:     3 missing Teeth replaced with Dental Implant




(a) 3 missing teeth before implantation

(b) X Ray showing implanted teeth

(c) Final implant retained crown





Example 2: Rotten tooth, removed and replaced with Implant-retained Crown



(a)          Rotten tooth


(b)        Implant in place

(c)      Implant in place (X Ray)


(d)  Final implant retained crow


Is implant Surgery painful? Implant surgery is atraumatic and simple controlled drilling. Most patients do not require pain killers on the day of the surgery and could attend to normal activities the following day after surgery