Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgeries refer to the minor and major operations aimed at correcting diseases of head and Neck. With an in house maxillofacial surgeon, we offer the best available services.


Services include:

Simple Tooth Extraction

Complicated Teeth Extraction

Third (Molar) Surgery . click here for more on 3rd molar

Reconstructive surgeries including Facial cleft repairs

Ablative tumour surgeries, including jaw reconstruction and full rehabilitation.

Facial trauma management using Open Reduction and  Internal Fixation.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ):  Ankylosis Release and Joint disease management.

Example 1: Temporomandibular-Joint(TMJ)  Ankylosis Management


(A)(TMJ ankylosis before surgery

(b)   Surgery for release of ankylosis

(C) Good mouth opening following TMJ release











Example 2: Jaw Tumour Management


(A)Jaw tumor before operation

(b) During operation

(c) Healed wound awaiting rehabilitation


(d) Fully rehabilitated with artificial teeth and happy.









Example 3: Cleft Lip Management


(A) Cleft lip before Operation


(b) Cleft Lip after Surgical Repair